The parameters are simple:

  • make leafy greens the foundation of every meal
  • include squash and other veggies (common frozen veggies) for added calories and bulk
  • include a substantial amount of healthy fats through nuts and plant based oils
  • consume the majority if not all protein from plant products, and use vegan protein shakes when protein intake is in question.
  • avoid or limit meat consumption and only consume meats that are organic, free range, naturally fed, and sustainably farmed.
  • limit starchy carbohydrates and treat them like rocket fuel; they are only to be used as needed
  • avoid wheat, GMO products, and processed foods.  Eat organic whenever possible; we’re exposed to enough environmental poisons and don’t need to expose ourselves to more.

In addition to these parameters, follow the intermittent fasting pattern of limiting food intake to a window of 8-hours or less, and to fast for at least 16 hours per day.