Endurance Training & Cardio

These are the parameters I am going to use for my triathlon training in preparation for Ironman Santa Rosa.  These parameters can be used for regular every-day exercise.  I consider this a recovery-based framework where the goal is to get the work in but to make sure one is completely or significantly recovered for the next big workout.

  • Continuous running or bike riding is limited to 30-35 minutes unless the workout is one specifically designed to go long (stay with me, I’ll be talking about long workouts in just a moment).  These long sessions will be run at the top end of aerobic intensity; I’ll be doing my runs at Ironman run intensity (130-135 bpm heartrate) and rides at Ironman bike intensity (120-125 bpm)
  • Every cardio/endurance session will be accompanied with a 10-15 minute hard session where intensity is meant to be HIGH.  These HARD sessions can be done before or after the 30-35 minutes of cardio.  These could be strength training sessions with weights or bands, or HIIT on the bike, running, or in the water.
  • The primary focus of each session is form.

Because I’m training for an Ironman, I’ll be doing at least 1 long workout per week.  This is where I train for the endurance I’ll need on race-day.  Everything is relative so for those NOT training for Ironman, a long workout could consist of 45 minutes of weights with 30 minutes of cardio.  These long workouts are the key for my endurance training and also a great way to SHOCK the body into some serious adaptation (GAINZ!!)

I would recommend between 3-4 endurance/cardio sessions with 1 long workout for those looking for general fitness, and 4-6 endurance/cardo session with 1 long workout for those training for an endurance event.