Ironman Training: first run of many

Here’s the link to today’s run stats:

run data from 12-26

I’ll be enhancing my run training by doing the following:

  • focusing on posture and lumbo-pelvic stability for all runs
    • such stability allows for more power output from the hips
  • focusing on cadence between 83 and 86 stride cycles per minute
    • research has demonstrated that such a cadence is optimal
  • focusing on picking up my feet to move forward as opposed to driving through my knees
    • I’ve been a quadriceps dominant runner secondary to my weak hip extensors and so picking my heels up will allow my hamstrings and glutes to be more active, instead of just my quads.
  • including hip extensor and core stabilization exercises to add stability to that lumbo-pelvic region and generate stronger hip drive
  • aiming for consistency with my runs
    • I’ve gone too hard too many times where I’ve been worn out so much that I had to take extended periods off to recover

For this first phase, I want to squeeze in about 4 runs, 3 bike rides, and 2 swims per week.

We’ll see how I do this first week.



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