The Vegan Experiment: lowering the carb count

I went from low-carb Keto cycling to a vegan diet high in starchy carbs…a pretty drastic change if you ask me! I’ve been eating Kettle brand potato chips (The big bag from Costco) or Asian cracker snacks (also in a big bag from Costco) with every meal with the excuse that they don’t contain any animal products. That may explain the absence of any weight loss!

Starting today, I’m going to take a low-carb angle with the following parameters:

  • Leafy greens as the main component
  • More fats
  • Regular protein shakes
  • Very limited starchy carbs
  • Little to no wheat products

As I finish update this post approximately 22 hours from the time I made the video, I recall that my energy levels were solid throughout the rest of the day and while only having two meals. I’m already feeling better!

Now I’m off to a Christmas eve party and some Lotteria Mexicana. Merry Christmas!


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