The Vegan Experiment Week 1: food in food out

Here are some pics of this week’s food:

My energy levels were ridiculously low the other night until I had a vegan protein shake; It was like night and day after I consumed that shake. My protein intake was significantly lower than normal on the days prior; I’ll be doing protein shakes daily from here on out and have learned my lesson!

F.Y.I.: each Tofurkey frank has 26g of protein and doesn’t taste bad at all!

Observation: I’m pooping at least 3x per day now so I guess my insides are squeaky clean!

I’m starting to settle into the diet and am leaning towards the low-carb approach. I’ve lost 1 pound after 8 days on this vegan diet and am looking forward to many more.

That’s my update for now.


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